Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wildlife Clubs Holds Student Camp in Murchison Falls National Park

Wildlife Clubs held a camp for over 40 students in Murchison Falls National Park from March 16 to 19, 2010. In addition to educating youth about the environment and natural resources, the camp taught students about HIV/AIDS knowledge and prevention, positive living, and good decision making.

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The camp was a lot of fun! We toured Murchison Falls and saw many animals including elephants, lions, hippos, Uganda cob, and giraffe. We also took a trip to the top of the mighty waterfall, went to the western part of the park near the delta, and took a guided nature walk near the Nile River.

For many of the students, this was their first visit to a national park in Uganda and their first experience seeing wildlife in a natural setting. Wildlife Clubs strives to involved youth in protecting the environment and natural resources, so Uganda can have a stable and healthy future.

Stay tuned to hear about future activities, including camps, trips, competitions, and a visit to your school!


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